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Speech and Language Therapy

Apraxia Resources

Apraxia Workbook

The apraxia workbook is based upon the principles of training motor movements. It contains picture cards that train specific motor movements for each sound class (bilabial, interdental, labiodental, alveolar, palatal, velar, glottal). Each sound class starts with vowels and progressively increases motor difficulty (i.e., vowels – VC – CV – CVC – CVCV – CVCVC – CVCCVC – 3 syllable – 4 syllable – sentences).

CVC and CVCV sections specifically train motor movements based upon sound patterns (e.g., bilabial – bilabial, bilabial – interdental, bilabial – velar, etc).

Multiple Syllable Practice

Practice sheet for children with motor speech delays. Work from one syllable to three syllables.

Alternating Vowels

*Practice alternating vowel sounds by producing meaningful words.

Functional Vocabulary

18 Basic choice boards for AAC users. Also good for children with few words or apraxia who need to work on functional vocabulary. Can be printed out and put in a binder.

Action boards
Animal board
Body parts board
Breakfast board
Clothes board
Color board
Concept board
Dinner board
Drink board
Emotion board
Letter board
Number board
People board
Phrase board
Places board
Snack board
Toy board
Treat board