Beyond Words 

Speech and Language Therapy

Articulation and Phonology Resources

Visual Sound Cue Cards

*Visual cue cards for articulation therapy. Print front to back and laminate. The front shows a visual mouth cue. The back has an explanation of how the sound is made. Cues for vowels, diphthongs, and consonants. Can combine cue cards to teach consonant clusters.

Articulation Cover Sheets

A brief review for students on how to produce specific speech sounds. 25 total sounds

R Booklet

This is a booklet that can be used as articulation homework. It contains a review of how to produce the /R/ sound, sample /R/ words, and space for the student to color pictures for each of the 21 different /R/ sounds.

Digraph Packet - TH, CH, SH

Worksheets to practice the difference between SH CH TH.

Vowel Diagram 

Vowel Diagram - shows the location of tongue placement for English vowels