Beyond Words 

Speech and Language Therapy

Autism / Social Groups Resources

Valentine's Day Figurative Language

Figurative Language Phrases to Introduce on Valentine's Day

Stop Sign

Visual Cue to use for children....
-who run out of the classroom
-need a reminder to take shorter conversational turns
-use inappropriate language

Perspective Taking Exercise

-Print one sheet per child (male and female included)
-Have each child write their interests in the circles inside the thought bubbles
-The bigger the circle, the bigger the interest
-Topics that they are not interested can be written in circles outside the thought bubble.
-Have the children compare their interest boards

Teaching 'I Love You'

Help children with the social skill of appropriately expressing love to friends and family. Two social stories and two activities to teach expressive affection.

Emotional Animals Game

Two printable dice. One contains animals. The other contains emotions. The children roll the dice and act out the scenario - happy cow, sad cheetah, ect.